Thu, May 07, 2020 

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Will Asia emerge from the crisis first?

While the coronavirus has Europe and the USA firmly in its grip, China is seeking its way back to normality. How quickly will the world’s most populous country manage to boost the Chinese economy again? Will the global pandemic in the end have been nothing more than a virulent but short-term disruption of the capital markets? Or is there a risk of long-term, drastic effects on China’s and Asia’s prospects?

Our web conference offers concise know-how and profound insights into the Asian and Chinese capital markets. In three presentations, you can hear facts, analyses and opinions from proven experts from international investment companies.




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“Is China the new safe haven?”

Donald Amstad, Head of Investments Specialists APAC, Aberdeen Standard Investments



China Onshore Bonds – It´s time to include them in your portfolio

Stephen Jen, CEO and Co-CIO, Eurizon SLJ Capital Limited



China A Shares – a growth success story through volatile markets

Ken Wong, Client Portfolio Manager, Eastspring Investments



Wrap up by moderator and end of event


Donald Amstad

Donald Amstad is Aberdeen Standard Investments' Head of Investments Specialists APAC and COO Distribution. He has more than 35 years’ experience in fixed income markets.

Donald Amstad
Head of Investments Specialists APAC / Aberdeen Standard Investments

Stephen Jen

Stephen Jen is the CEO and Co-CIO of Eurizon SLJ Capital Limited. From 1996-2009, Stephen was MD at Morgan Stanley and held various roles, including Global Head of Currency Research and Chief Global FX and EM Strategist.

Stephen Jen

Ken Wong

Ken Wong is a Greater China Equity Specialist and is responsible for articulating Greater China equity strategies, processes, positioning and performances to clients and prospective clients globally.

Ken Wong
Client Portfolio Manager / Eastspring Investments


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